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Jayhawk Invitational

NEW 2019 AAU Team Eligibility NCAA Requirements

Each program MUST DESIGNATE a Team CEO or will not be able to participate per NCAA rules. This is new in 2019 and is NOT OPTIONAL. Please start the process of certification ASAP.


  • In order to participate as a coach in certified NCAA live period events, each individual on the bench must obtain a USA Basketball Gold Coaching License. The link to register and complete the appropriate classes can be found here:
  • Any returning coach will use the same log-in information they used last year.
  • The USAB certification course will take several hours to complete. Please begin this process as soon as possible to prevent not receiving your license in time to coach
  • After completing the USAB courses and receiving your gold license, you must LOG BACK into the BBCS website to activate your account. You will use the same BBCS log-in that was previously used. DO NOT CREATE A DUPLICATE ACCOUNT. That link can be found here:

Team CEO or Primary Business Officer

  • Beginning in 2019, each program will need to designate a member of their organization as financially responsible for each team. This individual will be required to submit financial documents at the conclusion of the summer to the NCAA. Any team that refuses to designate an individual as financially responsible will not be allowed to participate in a NCAA certified event. Also, any team that does not answer theses financial questions are subject to suspension from all future NCAA events. The step-by-step guide to creating this can be found here:
  • For programs with only one team, this individual can be designated on the BBCS by clicking - COACHES - 2019 FINANCIAL RESPONSIBILITY and clicking YES and following the instructions from there.
  • For any programs with MULTIPLE TEAMS, you will need to create two BBCS accounts, using two different emails.

First, you should create a BBCS account as a "Team/Organization CEO or Primary Business Officer." Fill out your name and other information, including the name and address for your organization.

  • At the conclusion of the registration, you will need to upload some form of documentation proving you are financially responsible for the organization. This could be a picture from the website, your name on a 501C3, an official letter on letterhead, etc. The NCAA will then approve your organization OR ask you additional questions. After approved, the organization will be searchable by your coaches. Once your organization is approved, create a second BBCS account as a "Coach or Operator."
  • NOTE: If you had an account from last year as a Coach or Operator, you do NOT need to create a second account. Use the one from last year.
  • Log into your Coach account, follow the steps as listed above for financial responsibility, but then click NO. Any coach that clicks NO will have to link an organization. You will then link to the organization that you just created in your other account.When linking your organization to this account, be sure to remember the team address you list. Your coaches will have to enter the same address to link to this organization.

Team Check In (15U/16U/17U) NCAA Certified:

IMPORTANT: All teams must check in at Olathe East High School on Friday, April 26. Check in will begin @ 2pm.  All teams must check in prior to 5pm. Only coaches have to be present at check in. Make sure you bring your ID and be prepared to go over your roster and certification numbers. You may then proceed to the court to start playing. 

All NCAA required information will have to be in order at the time of check in or you will not be allowed to participate. NCAA requires player profiles must first be created on the NCAA BBCS website ( Coaches can only create their "bench" from players that have completed their profiles on the NCAA BBCS website. Any coach/team personnel desiring to sit on the bench, must have a USAB Gold License (  

A team coach can edit a ROSTER until 11:59 pm the day before the event.  If adjustments are made after April 23rd, they will not make the college coaches book. Just a reminder the NCAA will only ALLOW for three (3) out of state athletes per team roster and they must be from an adjoining state. ALSO, it is the coach's responsibility to correctly identify all athletes and their correct jersey numbers! Make sure that all of the roster information you submitted on the NCAA BBCS website is accurate. Please double check this as it is very important. Coaches must have a valid coaches number.

There are no exceptions to NCAA requirements.

Jayhawk Summer Finale Team Check In:

All teams must check in at the main entrance to Drive5 Sportscenter on Friday, July 26th. Check in will begin @ 2pm. All teams must check in prior to 5pm. Only coaches have to be present at check in.  Each team will receive 2 complimentary coaches passes.  Any additional passes will need to be purchased.

Game Scores & Bracket Updates:

The schedule and all tournament game scores and brackets will be updated online. Download the free 'Exposure Basketball Events' App or visit for any schedule related information. As scores are called into our headquarters, we will update them online. This will allow you to get "real time" updated scores to track division results, location of next game, opponent etc.

The tournament schedule can be found by downloading the free 'Exposure Basketball Events' App or can by found by visiting:  Please make sure you check the schedule frequently and especially prior to your games for any changes or adjustments that may have been made.  You are responsible for knowing when and where to go.


  • Drive5 Sports Center
  • New Century Fieldhouse

*All facility locations & address information can be found within the facilities page


Jayhawk Summer Finale

Wristbands must be worn at all times to gain admittance.

Single Day Passes

Friday, Saturday, Sunday


Tournament Pass                                                                                   


5 and Under


2019 Jayhawk Summer Finale Game Rules

Game rules are posted on the scores table of each court. The official playing rules will be the National Federation of State High School rules for the current year with the following modifications: 

Pool play format with three game guarantee. Top two teams move on to bracket, unless you are in a three team pool, which all teams move on to bracket.

PRINTED ROSTERS: Each team is responsible for providing two (2) typed rosters to the scorekeepers before each game

WARM-UP: 3 minutes of warm-up in between games (subject to change), 2 minute halftimes (subject to change)

GAME LENGTH: Two 16 minute halves per game

GAME PLAY: Stop clock on all dead balls

FOULS: A player fouls out on his 6th personal foul

UNIFORMS: Teams listed second and on the bottom of the bracket are the home team and wear the light/white color

BONUS: A team reaches the 1 and 1 bonus on the 7th foul of each half. THERE IS NO 2 SHOT BONUS.

FREE THROWS: The ball becomes live on the release

TECHNICAL FOULS: The opposing team is awarded two free throws plus possession of the ball. Two technical fouls and/or flagrant fouls result in an automatic ejection from the game.

OVERTIME: Overtime is 2 minutes in length with a running clock except the last 30 seconds. Each team has one (1) 30 second timeout with no carry-overs. The second OT will be sudden death.

RUNNING CLOCK: In games where a team is ahead by 20 points or more in the second half, the clock will continue to run

20 POINT RULE: If a team is ahead by 20 points or more with 3 minutes or less left in the second half of a game, the game will be called

DELAY OF GAME: First violation shall result in a warning. Any additional violations shall result in a technical foul being awarded and in those instances the rules for technical fouls come into play.

CLEAN UP: Please clean up under your bench after each game (i.e. bottles, cups, ice, wrappers, etc)

TIME-OUTS: All teams will have two (2) full length timeouts and two (2):30 second time-outs per game

SWITCHING TEAMS: A player can only play on 1 team per age group for the entire tournament. Both teams must be from the same organization.

CODE OF CONDUCT: Any player or coach involved in a physical altercation / fight at any time, on or off the court, will be ejected from the tournament. If a player leaves the bench during an altercation / fight he will be suspended for his next game.


Seeding from each pool will be determined by winloss record in pool play. There is a maximum of +15 for a win in pool and -15 for a loss in pool. All games in pool are included in figuring point system. (1) In case of a tie, head to head is the first tie breaker. (2) In case teams are still tied, the team with the highest +/- points differential will determine the higher seed. (3) In case teams are still tied, the least amount of points allowed in pool play will determine the higher seed. (4) In those instances where the teams are still tied, a coin toss will determine the higher seed.

• In a case where there is a 3-way tie, we will first determine who the number 1 seed is in the pool by utilizing the tie breaker analysis above. After we identify who the number 1 seed is, we will then determine who the number 2 seed is from a pool by using the tie breaker analysis above starting again with head to head being the first tie breaker. At the end of pool play, check brackets at your gym or at the Headquarters for seeding. Please make sure to come by and check your time, in case of changes!

• You are responsible for knowing where and your team plays. All games and schedule will be available on the free 'Exposure Basketball Events' App or by visiting